I am Henny van Dongen, Dutch, born in 1965. I have a masters in Economics, and a Master of Science in both Teaching Business Economics and Economics. I have worked in ICT for many years, as an ICT consultant, designing systems in my early years, and later on helping people to use ICT effectively in their work. After my son was born in 2000, I changed jobs and became a teacher on AS/A level. I have been a teacher for several years, both in the classroom and as a private teacher in a home education setting. As an author I participated in writing economics textbooks in Dutch both on secondary school and AS/A level.

One of my skills is the ability to clarify things that people find difficult or complex. I like to use my analytical skills to entangle arguments to find virtue in it. I hope to use both skills when writing for Economy wise.

Economywise.co.uk is born from my need to write on the topic of economics, and has a Dutch sister Economiewijs.nl. Although the names sound almost the same, they do not mean exactly the same. Economy-wise means ‘the way of the economy’, whereas ‘economiewijs’ means ‘educated on economics’. It is in that spirit that I write for both Economywise.co.uk and Economiewijs.nl.

When teaching and writing about economics my love for the subject has grown, and so have my awareness of misconceptions. I think it is important that we learn about economics, differentiating between opinions and theory. I am of the opinion that economics is not a mathematical science, but a social science. Mathematical models can help to gain insight, but they are not absolute truths.

I will write for Economywise.co.uk and Economiewijs.nl both in parallel, but I will not make it an issue to mirror them both. I will write reflections on existing exam specifications, both from the UK and the Netherlands. To serve my fellow teachers, I will add suggestions how my posts can be used in the classroom. Schools can book me to carry out economic experiments in the classroom or to bring workshops to the classroom on a variety of subjects. I can also give workshops on writing teaching materials for economics and business studies teachers.

I am equipped to deliver these from my experience as a teacher and an author. As a manager of my family, I am managing the smallest economic entity, the household, thus practising economy on a daily basis. Where appropriate, I will not hesitate to share my findings with you. I hope you will enjoy my writing. Should you want to comment, please do so, I live to learn. Be aware, though, I practice non violent communication, and ask my visitors to respect that.

What remains to be done now, is to start reading, researching and writing.